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Victor_Djaja  – The moon

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Stéphane Arnaud – Frommywindows

• Saint-Louis | Senegal •

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Stéphane Arnaud – Frommywindows

VoidTokyo -Hiroki Fujitani

Teerapong Uaareewiwat‎ #SPTPIN

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Streetphotothailand – Teerapong Uaareewiwat

MySpc – Dayzedandconfuzed

I have to first thank everyone who ordered my zine, Neverland. Some people have started to recieve it and so far everyone seems quite happy. I asked some of them what their favorite photo from the book was and this seemed to be the one that came up the most. I took this photo in 2011 when I was walking to work. These kids were playing hide and seek in a parking garage I had to pass through. The kid in the front had been acused of cheating so the other kids had taped his eyes closed while he counted. I gather the girl in the back was his partner in the 'seeking.' Ironically I ended up later teaching this guy (small town). He's 17 now and starting high school. The zine, my first solo, is still available for purchase through the link in my profile. Also, I am happy to meet with you and sign the copy of you're ever in Korea or live here! . . #Iksan #익산, South #Korea. . . #andthelastwaves #jtinseoul #streetphotography #blackandwhite #leica_camera #leica_kr #ourstreets #leicasociety #myendlessproof #burnmagazine #burndiary #burnmyeye #streetphoto_bw #friendsinbnw

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